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Where is it?
What are the opening times?
How much is it?
How do I pay?
How do I sign up?
What do I need to bring?
What usually happens at the events? What should I expect?
What games will be played?
Where is it?
LANSE events are held in an office building in High Wycombe.

The Address is:

Physical Company
2a Desborough Industrial Park
Desborough Park Road
High Wycombe
HP12 3BG

For a map and directions to the venue, head over to the Find Us page.

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What are the opening times?
The doors are generally open from 19:00 on Friday until 16:00 on Sunday. If you need to arrive early it can usually be arranged, if you stay later than 16:00 you are expected to help tidy up!

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How much is it?
I charge a flat rate for the whole weekend regardless of how long you stay.

Single players:
- £5.00 Deposit & £15.00 on the door

Groups (of 4 or more)
- £15.00 per player (in full) in advance.

If you fail to get your deposit to me, the flat rate for the weekend is £25.00 regardless if you are in a group or not.

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How do I pay?
Deposits can be paid by cheque or BACS, the remainder can be paid with cash at the event.


Payable to Jason Halls and sent to:

Jason Halls
43 The Rise
High Wycombe
HP13 7BD


Act: 59396873
Sort: 601335

You must e-mail me notifying me of BACS payment - and let me know the last 3 numbers from your account & your sort code; so I can track your payment.

By Pay-Pal as a gift to:


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How do I sign up?
By choosing an event and clicking signup on the LANs page.

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What do I need to bring?
- PC Base & Keyboard, Mouse
- Monitor
- POWER CABLES, including a 4-way extension lead
- Headphones - speakers are not allowed
- Sleeping stuff (Bag, Mat, Pillow, Cuddly toy)
- Washing Stuff (Shower Gel, Shampoo, Towel, anti-stink etc)
- ALL your OS & Game CD's - because your going to look like a right plumb if you have to reinstall
- Food & Drink
- Money for HONESTY box, breakfast & dinner

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What usually happens at the events? What should I expect?
LANSE is a very social LAN, and there are several group games & outings.

Gaming usually goes like this:

Friday night: Get everything installed & setup. No organised games, fairly organic gaming.
Saturday: 11:00 > 23:00 organised all-in games - you are expected to play in all games
Saturday: 23:00 > ???? Whatever - including Real card games, RTS etc
Sunday: 11:00 > 14:00 Organised games
Sunday: 14:00 > 16:00 Typically RTS

Breakfast - either at the local pub, or I will get Tony (the burger van man) to come over and cook up outside the venue.
Friday Dinner - Local Fish 'n chip shop, Noodle Bar or Pizza
Saturday Dinner - Group outing to local Curry Centre, or somewhere else.

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- PC's on the floor not on the desks
- No drugs on the premises
- No porn shared or viewed
- TIDY THE KITCHEN AFTER YOU USE IT - I am not your Mum or housemaid
- FLUSH THE BOGS AFTER YOU USE THEM and let me know if toilet paper or soap runs out
- Patch up your PC and update your anti-virus. Anyone spreading virii over the network will be caught and castrated!

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What games will be played?
DOTA - mod for Warcraft3 Frozen Throne
Company of Heros
Battlefield 1942, old game but worth getting, we play it quite a bit
Battlefield 2, latest version of above
Call of Duty (4)
Counter Strike Source
- Gun Game
- Zombie Master
- Zombie Panic

Less popular, but played occasionally
-Quake 4
-Unreal Tournament 2004

RTS games (for late-night gaming)
-DOTA - A Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne mod (You need WC3 and TFT expansion, but DOTA itself is a free addon)
-Command and Conquer: Generals Zero hour, a great RTS with tanks n stuff
-Company of Heroes, awesome, and will probably spill over to daytime gaming!

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